A cup of english tea with salt? Delicious!

cup of tea

When I was a kid I put salt in my poor brother’s tea and when questioned by my mum I was so stubborn to firstly reply it wasn’t me, then to say “Delicious!” after tasting it and finally to drink it all pretending I’d enjoyed it.

The current Brexit situation has revived this memory in me: from far away, simply reading the news, it seems to me UK political leaders are enjoying a nice cup of tea with salt, whilst being questioned by the EU. Pursuing one and only direction, continue focusing on implementation details and loosing the broader perspective, leading without believing, being blind in front of a change in the public opinion, ignoring a review of the current voting rules and qualified majorities, overweighting smaller protesters groups, strictly interpreting the referendum vote.

As it is often the case in such situations, everyone played its part in creating this deadlock and it is so contagious that noone knows when the embarrassment will end.
However, I notice a courageous change in the public opinion: no more tea with salt please. Let’s see if it will convince others to lay down their cups.
Leaders, especially, should be capable of admitting their mistakes and change direction. And listening.

If this is all a setup, let’s give it a round of applause and close the curtain now.

I am sorry my lovely brother, I put salt in your tea and it’s disgusting!