Approach and Services


I inspire change, both in personal and professional lives.

I add value to your life and inspire both personal and professional growth. I bring out your inner positivity and strengths through Life Coaching, assist you in managing and overcoming your personal obstacles with Soul Training and help you excel in your career with Shadow Coaching.

My approach is personalized and tailored to each individual: I work alongside you, lend support and create a constructive partnership with my unconventional style, built on the following characteristics:

  • the focus is on you, not on me as your coach;
  • I inspire you to find your own solutions, rather than dispensing advice. If I do offer suggestions it is at your request and, preferably, I share my own experiences;
  • care and sensitivity are my guiding principles: they can move mountains. Along with empathy, emotional intelligence, attention to detail, understanding, trust, discretion.

Values, identity and mission come first, then actions and behaviors. Authenticity, respect and altruism are my core values. My mission: to make your life better, calmer and more successful.

In sum, mine is an innovative business profile of a partner able to create inspiration, constructive discussion, support and value in both personal and professional environments, the main characteristics of which are:

  • a synergy of innate personal traits (sensitivity, emotional intelligence, attention to detail, empathy, trust and discretion), relevant experiences as an entrepreneur and manager and professional skills developed over the years;
  • a background characterized by profound and significant personal events which, in the past, brought me on my own first-person journey to find meaningful guided work in my innermost self;
  • an in-depth knowledge of my market segments, due to personal and professional experiences;
  • an extra pair of eyes, an outside and independent observer free of assumptions and conflicts of interest;
  • a “caddy-styleapproach, out of the spotlight, alongside the individual, pragmatic, results- and solutions-oriented;
  • an international experience and exposure to different cultures and customs;
  • a flexible support in terms of timeframe, methods and objectives; gradual, versatile and adaptable in services offered and areas of focus and application.

Below you will find two chairs, one for you and one for me: make yourself comfortable. Choose one of three positions to start your journey, made from an exclusive blend of suggestions, inspirations, advice, directions, discoveries, learning…


 Life Coaching

Coaching is a partnership that, through a technical-creative Q&A process, stimulates reflection and reinforces conscious awareness, inspiring change and the maximization of the potential on both personal and professional levels. Therefore, a coach plays a very different role than a consultant, a psychologist, a motivator, a trainer or a counsellor. The past is not considered, the focus is on inspiring own solutions and action plans, it does not create dependence and it takes you to eventually become your own coach. Coaching looks at and amplifies positivity, improvement, clarity of vision, belief and rediscovery.

A unique and renowned combination of art and science that makes people authentic with respect to their values, identity and mission, without judging or evaluating them, and supports them in the pursuit of their objectives, big and small, short-term and long-term. I am a Professional Coach with an ACTP qualification (Accredited Coach Training Program) from Erickson International, recognized by the ICF (International Coach Federation), whose code of ethics I follow.

Life Coaching can be accompanied by Shadow Coaching upon request.


Soul Training

Through a personal guided journey, modelled on the renowned twelve-steps program used successfully for many years by international organizations such as AA and DA, I accompany the individual in an exploration of their past to find solutions for their future, their own personal tools and coping mechanisms for life, and a greater capacity to manage the complexities, challenges and conflicts that arise in the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. A “tune-up” for the mind and soul.

How to look inside yourself, observe and be a part of the outside world, and take care of your own mind. How to revisit, learn from and remedy the past. How to peacefully accept, understand, love and be yourself with all your imperfections. How to observe and better manage your thoughts, emotions, stress, conflicts, mistakes, anxieties, fears, feelings of guilt, pressure, traumas, addictions and uncertainties. How to strengthen focus, calm, potential, skills, abilities and self-esteem.


Business Advisory

Are you seeking excellence in what you do? Are you hoping an important meeting will be a success, or wanting to positively negotiate and finalize a complicated agreement you have put a lot of energy into? Do you need to ensure that conflicts or divisions within management do not result in paralysis in decision-making? Often it’s the details that make the difference. Just a few examples of the areas of application of the following services, listed here:

  • Shadow Coaching: a temporary, silent accompaniment – either with a specific focus or a general observation – over the course of a client’s work day in the field, followed by a feedback session in a separate location, aimed at the pursuit of one or more predetermined results objectives or performance improvements, thereby stimulating continuous growth and excellence;
  • contracts, mediations, agreements and deals: support for negotiations, conclusions, formalizations and reviews;
  • corporate governance: consulting on structure, mechanisms, controls, reviews and principles; supervisory activities, direction, representation and conflict resolution through participation in the management body as an independent member or consultant.