Out As Humans

The world needs leaders who don’t hide behind a mask, who find meaning, certainty, love and freedom in themselves. By re-establishing the primordial connection with our own inner human being, we unleash our true self, the humanity latent in us re-emerges and, by changing the course of our decisions and the lives we touch, the change extends to those around us and a better world.

Out as Humans is a performance, both an individual and group immersive, moving, magical experience, which humanizes authentic leaders. The relationships and interactions among participants evolve thanks to a strong impulse to be open, to trust, empathize, bond and feel a sense of belonging. Hidden potential emerges, performance improves.

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The experience

“I make myself small, so small that I can get inside you and go right to your heart. There’s a door. I open it. What do I see?”

This is the start of an individual and group journey through heart, hug, tear, laughter, blank page, death, caress, fragility, apology and soul.
Each stage of the journey involves two consecutive moments: the artistic performance and the powerful question.

Arts and creations abound, surrounded by music and an immersive setting:
Dance, writing, music, drawing, poetry, singing, acting.
Questions, playwriting, scenography, video/audio compositions, fragrance, toolkit.
The questions are brief, they open doors and require reflective or shared responses. Sometimes they involve guided actions, that could be individual or group.
“Imagine that your soul takes flight…where will it come to rest?”



Special additional content or setting can be integrated into the basic event, that will personalize, enrich and complete the experience:

• Customization of the elements of intimate humanity and the resulting bespoke playwriting
Motivational speech by a guest speaker who shares his or her personal experience of humanized leadership (e.g., Hubert Joly, Simon Sinek, Brené Brown)
• Participation of a guest artist (e.g., singer, musician)
Storytelling about the experience: a narrative module in chapter form —pre-, during and post-experience — enhanced by learning and documentary materials
Photo/video service
Cocktails and/or party with Out as Humans music and DJ


What people say:

This performance is not just theater; it’s a transformative journey. The show masterfully engages the audience on a profound level, touching the existential, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. It’s a must-see for anyone seeking a truly holistic and impactful theatrical experience.
Ammar Charani, Founder Purposehood

This is truly inspiring, Gerardo! Your approach to blending art and leadership for transformative experiences is both innovative and necessary. It’s refreshing to see how you’re humanizing leadership through performance arts. The concept of bringing such an immersive show to world leaders is a brilliant initiative that has the potential to foster more empathetic and impactful decision-making. Can’t wait to see the journey this show takes and the hearts it will touch along the way. Best of luck on this noble endeavor!
Kim Albarràn, Digital Marketing Manager, Author & Innovator


How you can get involved: 

Become a CUSTOMER of the show, unleash the human capabilities and potential of your organization’s leaders, improve performance and experience a once-in-a-lifetime touching experience.

Become a SPONSOR of the show, a brand with a purpose that spreads deep authenticity in world leaders.

Become an AMBASSADOR, promote humanized leadership in key locations and organizations around the world, or…

Now you can become:
the HOST of an Out As Humans show, created and performed around your powerful personal story by our team of professionals and presented internationally.

Or you can become a LICENSEE of a product/service line concept, live the dream of being yourself for millions of loyal customers around the world and… enjoy the show in your organization.

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